Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions:

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    When will I see my results?

    United Medical Imaging Healthcare provides the diagnostic report (results) to your doctor within 48 hours of your exam (mammography may take longer due to comparison requirement with prior year study). We can provide them to you or send an additional copy to another physician or other party upon request, with a signed consent form. You can contact our medical records department at the facility where your exam was provided to obtain a copy of your report.

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    Do I need prior authorization from my insurance provider?

    It depends on your insurance plan. Some plans require prior authorization before they will pay for your imaging study. You are responsible for checking with your insurance provider to determine if this step is necessary prior to arriving for your appointment. Your insurance company can also tell you what procedures and imaging studies are covered by your plan and which are not. You are responsible for paying for any services not covered by your insurance provider.

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    What is needed for United Medical Imaging Healthcare to bill my insurance company?

    We will need a current insurance card with ID number and a group number. If we are seeing you as part of a worker’s compensation claim or auto injury, please have your claim number available and the name and address of your attorney. We will make our best effort to bill your insurance company. However, you as the patient, are liable for services not covered by your insurance plan.

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    Will United Medical Imaging Healthcare file a claim with my secondary, as well as primary insurance plan?

    Yes, if the secondary insurance information is provided to us at the time of service.

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    What will I need to do to prepare for my imaging study?

    It is very important that you are properly prepared for your exam. This is a very important question and varies depending on the type of imaging study that your doctor has ordered. Please click here to see procedure preparations. If you have further questions about preparing for your imaging study, please call the UMIH facility where you will have your exam. Click here to find our locations. Please note, failure to follow the recommended preparation instructions may result in your imaging study being canceled and rescheduled.

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    How can I request a copy of my films or images?

    We provide the report to your doctor. For copy of film and or images on CD, please contact the medical records department at the facility where your exam was performed.

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    How long are my films, reports and images (medical records) kept on file?

    United Medical Imaging Healthcare’s medical record retention policy complies with Federal Regulations governing medical records that are stored in our PACs (Picture Archival Computer System). Retention varies depending on your age and the type of study performed. In general, we retain adult medical records up to seven years after the date of service. Mammography studies are retained for ten years after the last date of service. Medical records of patients under the age of eighteen are retained for a minimum of seven years or one year past the age of eighteen.