Unlike most radiology exams, Ultrasounds use sound waves, a hand held transducer and computer/monitor combination to generate images of fetal progression, vascular and arterial structures and many internal organs.


Ultrasounds are usually ordered prior to a Fluoroscopy Exam, CAT Scan, or MRI Exam.

Most exams take 30 minutes and may require preparation.

What are the different types of studies an Ultrasound can perform:

  • Fetal (most common)
  • Breast (identify mass)
  • Guided Biopsies (Breast, Thyroid, Lymph Nodes)
  • Pelvic (Ovaries, Uterus and or Bladder and Prostate)
  • Abdominal (Kidney, Liver, Gallbladder, etc.)
  • Echocardiogram (Heart valves)
  • Doppler (Blood flow/DVT)